CDDI’s Main Goals and Strategies


CDDI's Main Goals and Strategies are:

  • Promoting democratization by raising awareness of the reforms needed to meet the standards of developed democracies in areas such as good governance, accountability, respect for human rights and transparency. This education and advocacy work targets the public and all branches of government.
  • Promoting good governance by urging greater accountability of the public administration, in particular by increasing government transparency. In particular, CDDI works to promote implementation of Albania's 1999 Law on the Right to Information for Official Documents (Access to Information Law).
  • Promoting EU integration by monitoring law and policy, evaluating compliance with legislation and the implementation of policies, and by making recommendations on how to meet EU norms. CDDI focuses on ensuring an appropriate balancing of power between different branches of government.
  • Promoting Institutional Reform by developing new approaches to working in partnership with the local administration to promote transparency, accountability and to meet EU standards on good administrative practices. CDDI is engaged in technical assistance to, and analysis of local municipalities.
  • Strengthening the fight against corruption through active use of the access to information law, and by engaging in advocacy, training and litigation, to enforce the right to information.
  • Promoting Gender Equality: Raising the awareness of the public for the role or women in the democratization of the Albanian institutions and life. CDDI has conducted many projects on women and women NGO's.
  • Promoting Responsible, Professional and Independent Media: As the fourth power, the media in Albania could play a positive role in the entrenchment of democratic standards and dissemination of understanding of European integration issues, but after 15 years of transition it is still falling short of full potential. On the one hand, the media still faces undue restrictions, such as through use of criminal defamation legislation and over-broad application of the state-secrets law. On the other hand, the media lacks independence from the political class, lacks sufficient training, and engages in inciting hate and discrimination between those of different race, sex, or origin. CDDI aims to tackle this by working on the legal framework affecting the media and also on the training of journalists in order to promote qualitative steps forward of Albanian Media towards European standards.