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“A New Methodology In The Transparency of State Institutions”, August 2005-February 2007

The overall project objective is: The establishment of an internal efficient system that enables the full exercise of the right to information (GDR) and to increase the level of accessing information and improve the ways of accessing information at the public institution.

The project is organized through three different components:

1.   General Directorate of Roads (GDR): By the end of 2005 and January 2006, CDDI signed an Inter-Institutional Cooperation Agreement with GDR for the project. This agreement specified the duties and responsibilities of each party. The Institution was thoroughly analyzed by CDDI regarding the main issues ascertained in relation to the Public’s Right for access to information. A diagnostic tool in English and Albanian was produced showing areas that needed improvement. CDDI wrote a legal report to show their standing with the Albanian Access to Information Law. DDI started organising training sessions on “Transparency and Access to Information Law”, with public officials and members from the civil society. CDDI asked different groups to write requests for information monitoring the attitude of the institution towards these requests. At the end each institution received an improvement plan with the results and findings during the implementation of the project.

2.   Municipality of Vlora: The methodology used for this institution is identical to the methodology used for GDR.

3.   Municipality of Laç: The methodology used for this institution is identical to the methodology used for the Municipality of Vlora and GDR.