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A TRAINING Program on access to INFORMATION, July 2004- June 2005

The overall project objective is: to offer principal concepts on the access to information which will lead in the sustainability of democratic institutions in Albania.

The project is organized through three different components:

1.   An initial awareness – raising workshop with one representative from each of 17 Albanian Ministries, plus a few independent agencies.

2.   Training of the Public Administration: CDDI in cooperation with the Training Institute of the Public Administration organized 5 trainings for about 100 officials of the public administration. The participants were trained on “The Right to Information for Official Documents” Law, “For the Protection of Personal Data” law as well as “For the protection of State Secret” Law and were equipped with manuals and brochures on how to enforce and exercise the law.

3.  To reach public official from outside the capital .During the last phase of the Project CDDI organized 2 workshops outside the Tirana.