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Access to Information and Investigative Reporting, June 2008 – January 2009

The overall project objective is: To contribute to the promotion of the democratization process through promotion of responsible, professional and independent Media

The project is organized through four different components:

1.  Media Awareness: The introduction to the Media of the “Right to information of the Public for Official Documents” Law and other laws which create the legal basis for the Right to Information.

2.  Building Capacities: On implementation of Albania Media in law implementation through organizing trainings for Media journalists and representatives of the civil society.

3.  Promoting Media responsibility, professionalism and independence. The trained journalists will write an article regarding a request for information sent to a state institution and will describe how these institutions should enforce and exercise the “Right to Information of the Public for Official Documents” Law.

4.  Improving transparency and accountability of public institutions: CDDI will train employees of the public administration on how to implement the “Right to Information of the Public for official documents” Law.