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Building Capacity of Albanian Judiciary to Implement European Court of Human Rights Standards on article 8, June 2008 – May 2009

The overall project objective is: Building Capacity of the Albanian judiciary to rule in line with ECHR standards in media – related court cases.

The project is organized through three different components:

1.  Training of the trainers: CDDI in cooperation brought to Albania the expert trainer, who would be training the 5 trainers chosen by CDDI. Published in the Albanian language was the book titled “Pocketbook on Data protection and Privacy” which was the material base of the trainer training program and the training of judges under Article 8 by standards of ECHR.

2.  Training of the judges: In the Training of Judges on 17-21 December, participated 20 judges and the five trainers who were trained during the first phase of the project. The basic material for the training was the Handbook, but besides it, the expert selected a large variety of concrete cases and examples from different decisions taken by the judges at the European Court regarding the legal application of Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights and Data Protection and Privacy. These materials were translated in Albanian by CDDI.

3.  Organization of a Round Table: In March 2009, CDDI has organized a round table between the trained judges and other representatives of the written and visual media aiming at lobbying from the part of the judges to attract the attention of the data protection and privacy. On the basis of lobbying, CDDI with the help of the High Council of Justice sent by post office 20 copies of the published- Handbook to all the Courts in different levels in all the main Albanian cities.