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International Conference 21-22 May

The challenge of regional developments in Albania and German experience

For the first time in Albania, a two-day international conference titled “Challenges of regional development in Albania and German experience” was organized in Albania on 21-22 May 2012. This conference was organized by the Center for Development and Democratization of Institutions and supported by Friedrich Ebert Stifftung, Tirana office.

This conference brought a discussion about how developed, how are developing and perspectives in the regions in Albania. This theme that is one of the most hot spots and for the European Union countries has been addressed in all its dimensions, from the geographical, economic, environmental or even human impact of these developments. In this conference were presented works of the professors of the University of Tirana and the private ones of geography, economics and environment, as well as in the field of diplomacy that provided concrete examples for the regional developments in Albania. Presentations of regional developments were also presented by Kosovo and Montenegro, enabling them to have an involvement of other Balkan states as well.

The whole history and the present of the regional developments in Albania was faced with the German experience, which came to this conference by Prof.Dr. Daniel Goeler, from Bamberg University, Germany. In his presentation Prof. Goeler, brought different examples from the German experience, especially those related to the union’s post, and how governments have acted and how they are acting to overcome the difficulties in this regard.

Another element of this conference was the escalation held on the second half of May 22nd. This excursion came to discuss on the ground the impact of human handwriting on regional developments. A concrete example was the new road, the tunnel, which is being built in Tirana-Elbasan. During this excursion, Prof. Dr. Bilal Draci and Prof. Dr. Dhimitër Doka, presented in detail what this investment will bring to the region of Elbasan and Tirana, but not only because it is anticipated to be a road that will enable the connection to the South Axis, making it even faster the movement of people from the North to the South of Albania.

At the end of this project, all the works presented in this conference will be published in a special summary which will be distributed to universities, local and central government. Also, this conference will serve to promote the possibility of creating a network for regional studies across Southeast Europe and the development of such a meeting in Albania.