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Data Protection and Police, November 2006 – March 2007

The overall project objective is : Strengthening the Rule of Law for protection of Personal Data through raising awareness among police forces which offer daily support and assistance especially to vulnerable groups ( women, trafficked children, etc)

The project is organised through three different components:

1.Improvement of Professional skills: CDDI through trainings of 145 policemen of the state Police on the Laws “Data Protection and “Access to Information ” , completed the introduction of the Police Force to the existing legal basis, in compliance with and the implementation of these laws.

2. Promotion of information security: CDDI through trainings raised awareness of the police force who often publish the personal data of the convicted persons, that this is not the way to measure the police work, but on the contrary, this is a way that violates the protection of the essential rights and freedom of men.

3. Protection of Vulnerable Groups and violated persons: CDDI through trainings helped deepen the knowledge on international standards for the protection of personal data emphasizing the vulnerable groups that have the right to protect these rights, for as long as they have not yet been convicted.