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CDDI led a group of five organizations in a Constitutional Court challenge against the Prime Minister‘s order that banned government departments giving information to the mass media. On October-November 2003, CDDI led a group of 5 Albanian NGO's and filed a petition in Albanian Constitutional Court challenging order of Albanian Prime Minister on communication among public administration and Albanian media. An order, which banned all information toward electronic and printed media, for as this order was a violation of Albanian Constitution. The hearing session at the Constitutional Court in Tirana was on 17 of November, four days prior to this date, the Albanian Primer Minister changed the order and thus the case remained without object, but for us it was victory of Albanian civil society toward an authoritarian power of Prime Minister, Fatos Nano. For more information please follow this link: https://osf.to/2CRsg0M

CDDI initiated a lawsuit against the Ministry of Education for failing to answer an information request by an NGO that wanted to know the criteria for opening a kindergarten. The case was won in the first instance. The court of Tirana ordered the Ministry of Education to supply the required information to the Albanian NGO who had requested that. This was the first time the courts in Albania forced a state institution to put into practice the law on the freedom of information (FOI).CDDI has been engaged in litigation against the Ministry of Economy for refusing to provide information on the privatization of Albtelecom. Albanian Ministry of Economy refused to give a copy of the Sale Contract for the privatization of the Albtelecom as requested by CDDI on the grounds on the FOI law. Also, CDDI has been involved in other litigations with municipalities of 4 and 5 of Tirana. Other litigations, on grounds of FOI, has been against Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense and Interior and the latest one against General Prosecutor office.