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Monitoring of Court District in Durres, Shkoder, Sarande, Elbasan, Pogradec, Vlora, Gjirokaster Appellate Court,Tirana Appellate Court and Tirana High Crimes Court, September – 2008 -February 2009

The overall project objective is to monitor the Level of Transparency within the Albanian Judiciary System.

The project is organised through three different components:

1.  Set Up phase and training of monitors: CDDI hired 9 persons who submitted requests for information. These persons submitted those requests to the 9 District Courts selected. CDDI instructed and assisted the persons selected to conduct the monitoring in completing and submitting information requests to the respective courts. CDDI showed how to complete a request for information, making sure it included all elements necessary to provide the answer and guide them on how and where to submit the information requests. The people who have already worked with CDDI and who were presented as CDDI’s staff submitted the information requests to the 9 selected courts.

2.  Requesting Information from the courts: CDDI with its monitors submitted requests regarding the procedures, judiciary practices and financial expenditures of 9 selected District Courts. There were about 9 requests for information for each court. Although the monitors had previously worked with CDDI in several monitoring cases, we provided another two hours training for them to discuss the problems which the judiciary system is facing nowadays in Albania as well as the objectives of the project.

3.  Present Findings and make suggestions for improvements: CDDI after the monitoring and analyzes for each court will make public the results and conclusions of this project with the suggestions for improving the work of those courts with regards the transparency.