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Monitoring of the Supreme Court of Albania, June 2010-May 2011

The overall project objective is to monitor the Level of Transparency within the Albanian Judiciary System.

Project Components:

1. CDDI will hire 3 monitors who will submit requests for information in the Supreme Court of Albania. The monitors will be trained by CDDI on Access to Information of the Public for Official Documents and the Right to Information.

2. The monitors will submit requests for information in the Supreme Court instructed and assisted by CDDI on how to conduct the monitoring. The requests for information will have a diverse nature and will be carefully chosen in a meeting organized by CDDI with the hired monitors. The monitors will submit the requests using their own generalities and contact information. CDDI will show how to complete a request for information, making sure it includes all elements necessary in providing the answer and guide them how and where to submit the information requests. This part of the monitoring will include filing the requests for information and based on Albanian law it will include also administrative appeal in those cases when the Supreme Court will not disclose the information.

3. CDDI will write a report with results, findings and recommendation for improvement of the situation. This report will be published in a brochure and it will be distributed in a roundtable with representatives of the Supreme Court and other interested stakeholders on the field, media and High Council of Justice to discuss the results of the monitoring as well as exchange suggestions and comments among participants regarding further improvements to be made.

4. This project is also important as a means to build capacity of young and new lawyers of Albania on Freedom of Information and the Judiciar