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QZHDI, creates the Albanian Branch of GOPAC

On April 7, 2012, a founding meeting of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) was held in one of Tirana’s hotels, extending this organization to Albania.

The work to establish the Albanian branch began at the end of October 2011, when it was in Marrakesh for the United Nations Fourth Anti-Corruption Conference, the Executive Director of the Center for Development and Democratization of Institutions (QZHDI), Ilir Aliaj, developed a meeting with the President of GOPAC International Dr. Naser Al Sane. During this meeting, it was asked the QZHDI to enable the establishment of the Albanian branch of GOPAC, which was successfully implemented in the beginning of April 2012.

The first contact was with former MP, Musa Ulqin, to coordinate the work and create the organizing group. The first meetings were held with the three Vice Presidents of the National Assembly, Ardian Turku, Namik Dokle and Vangjel Tavo, where after the idea and objectives of GOPAC were presented, and the importance of establishing the Albanian branch, it was agreed that this was also the organizing group and to inform the Speaker of the Assembly about the initiative.

After all these meetings, it was decided that the founding meeting was held in early April and was attended by 16 MPs and former deputies of the Albanian People’s Assembly, who decided to establish the Albanian Branch of GOPAC by establishing its governing structures. As President of the Albanian Branch of Gopac, Namik Dokle was elected, and Vice President Ardian Turku and Vangjel Tavo and Secretary Musa Ulqini, while its Technical Secretariat is the Center for the Development and Democratization of Institutions.