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Reforming the Law on Access to Information in Albania, June 2008 – May 2009

The overall project objective is: To improve efficiency and increase public accountability and transparency. The project is organized through three different components:

1.  Reforming the Law for Access to Information in Albania: CDDI will analyze the current legal framework for access to information in Albania and bring examples when certain laws or procedures conflict and as a result hinder access to information for the citizens. CDDI will study the best international law and practices and introduce these principles as amendments to the existing Albanian law. This component is focused on the legal framework of the fundamental right for Access to Information, harmonization of laws related to information and preparation of the first Cyber Law in Albania.

2.  Increase the transparency of Vlore and Lac Municipalities: CDDI will assist local institutions (Vlore and Lac Municipalities) in performing in compliance with the requirements established by Albanian Access to Information Law. This component will improve public access to official information, through improving channels of access to official information, which will result in greater transparency in Vlore and Lac Municipalities.

3.  Training and Litigation. CDDI will organize one training session with students and journalists. The training session will be on Albanian access to information law implementation. The participants will be encouraged to submit information requests to public institutions. CDDI will initiate a litigation process whenever violations of access to information have been noticed.