• Str: Myslym Shyri, Building 8/1, Floor 4, Tirane
  • +355 69 208 7744
  • Rruga: Myslym Shyri, Pall. 8/1, kati 4, Tirane
  • +355 4 22 48 519

Rreth Nesh

Rreth Nesh

The Centre for Development and Democratization of Institutions (CDDI) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, founded by Court Decision No-62/1 on November 14, 2002. Its headquarters are in the capital city of Albania, Tirana.

CDDI’s Mission:
“To contribute to the development and democratization of the Albanian institutions and the society and to promote the process of European Integration of Albania; CDDI’s highly trained staff ensures that all the service contracts are always carried out in a reliable, professional and cost-effective way.”

In accordance with its Statute, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director manage the Centre for Development and Democratization of Institutions. In addition, an Advisory Board provides assistance in the definition of long-term strategies and activities of CDDI.

CDDI is part of the “Coalition Against Corruption” (Albania) and a member of the FOI Advocates Network (international).

CDDI works in three areas:

  • Transparency of Government Institutions
  • European Integration
  • Media Development and Media Freedom