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The overall project objective is: to offer principal concepts on the access to information which will lead in the sustainability of democratic institutions in Albania.

The project is organized through two different components:

1. Training of the Public Administration: CDDI in cooperation with the Training Institute of the Public Administration organized 8 trainings for about 200 officials of the public institutions such as: Ministry of the Public Works, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, Ministry of Integration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Defence, High Inspectorate of Asset Declaration and Control, Water Regulation Organ, Social Insurance Institute, The General Department of Taxes, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Training Institute of the Public Administration, National Informative Service, Tirana Municipality etc. The participants were trained on “The Right to Information for Official Documents” Law, “For the Protection of Personal Data” law as well as “For the protection of State Secret” Law and were equipped with manuals and brochures on how to enforce and exercise the law.

2. Monitoring: During the last phase of the Project CDDI chose 8 people to send 10 requests for information to most of the state institutions mentioned above. In total there were about 80 requests for information. After an evaluation, 70% of the requests received answers and 30% did not receive any answers. The institutions that did answer the requests for information were within the time frames specified by law.